The relationship between Anna and David breaks down, as relationships sometimes do. But when is a breakup salvageable and when is it better to let the other go? Anja can't accept that her relationship with David is over, but neither does he himself. In Disconnect, the characters express themselves through dance. This allows them to make their feelings visible, from the first irritations to letting go of the broken relationship.

Directed by: Gregory Samson
Art/Technical Director: Bats Bronsveld 
Lead 3D: Nils Johannesson
Screenplay: Fee de Koeijer  
Producers: Jelle Beuger, Rumi Kaul
Cinematography: Yorrick van der Gugten
Character Design: Charleton Mercelina

Dancers: Lodewijk Walther Boer, Evelien Jansen
Choreography: Anne Suurendonk

Composer:Tom van Wee
Sound Design: Thomas Machtel
Audio Mix: Tim Marsman

Set Design: Daan Goudswaard, Emmy Rommers
3D Modeling: Ruben Koppenol, Maarten Nielen, Lennart Vulto
Concept Art: Charleton Mercelina, Charlotte Veldhuizen, Joanne Yap
FX: Anne à Campo, Ömür Sönmez
Motion Capture: Bats Bronsveld, Nils Johannesson 
Rigging: Menno Weitmann

VFX Coordinators: Anne à Campo, Lennart Vulto, Jurrian van Vuuren Editor: Pepijn Ahsmann 

Production Assistant: Job Blokzijl, Kevin Fung
Sound AssistantBente van der Spek 

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